Update a course or MOOC page on the Study at Curtin website

Promotional Materials and Study Webpages

Promotional material includes:

  • images or videos
  • career information
  • professional recognition
  • testimonials
  • Study webpages (Study Area pages, Fieldwork Statements & any other pages that fall under the main study menu).

To request an update, please submit a request to the University Marketing team.

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Course Study Package Details

Course study package details include:

  • course description (about offering) *
  • admission criteria for domestic students (i.e. Australian/New Zealand) including –
    • Admission criteria for applicants with recent secondary education **
    • Admission criteria for applicants with higher education study
    • Admission criteria for applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study
    • Admission criteria for applicants with work and life experience.
  • Entry requirements for international students including –
    • Essential international course prerequisites
    • Desirable international course prerequisites
    • General international admission criteria **
  • Others notes for this course
  • Essential requirements (fieldwork statements)
  • Hiding a course from the Study at Curtin website ***


* Please note that course description information also appears in the Curtin Handbook and is updated in Akari. Promotional content, including keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO) for the about offering tab, is developed in consultation with University Marketing.

** For changes to ATAR, International Cut Off Scores and English Requirements please see the relevant section below.

*** Please ensure the rationale / extenuating circumstances for hiding an offering from the Study at Curtin website is provided at the time of request.

To request an update to course study package details, please use the templates provided below and forward to the Course Administration Management Team: study-curtin-support@curtin.edu.au

Study at Curtin UG Course Information Update Request [.pdf]

Study at Curtin PG or HDR Course Information Update Request [.pdf]


Availability Information & Display of Fees

Availability information for courses or units includes:

  • Location
  • Study mode
  • Teaching area
  • Duration
  • Study period

Please note Availability information is recorded in Student One based on the annual Availability audit. Subsequent changes to Availabilities can only be made by the CAM team on approval from Head of School.

To request an update to Availability information or to submit a query about the display of Fee information for courses or units, please contact your faculty CAM contact:

ATAR Information

Changes to ATAR information require approval via the Course Approval Process to Academic Board for sign-off by DVC-Academic. These changes should be submitted through the Akari Curriculum Management System.

Please note ATAR is now also recorded in Akari.

International Cut Off Scores and English Requirements

Changes to international cut off scores and English Requirements (including IELTS scores) must be recommended by the University Admissions Committee (UAC) and approved by Academic Board. These changes should be submitted via the Director of Student Engagement in your Faculty.

Please note IELTS scores are now also recorded in Akari, please ensure this is updated once approved.

Application Information and Generic Statements

Application information includes:

  • Application deadlines
  • Application requirements (supplementary information)
  • How to apply

Generic statements include:

  • Applicant types
  • General admission criteria / entry requirements
  • Minimum international entry requirements (country specific)
  • Essential requirements
  • Advanced standing / CRL
  • English language proficiency
  • Next steps.


To submit a query or request an update, please contact Admissions: HETReview@curtin.edu.au

Curtin Handbook

All changes to the Curtin Handbook need to go through standard approval processes via Akari or as an Availability request if related to availabilities.