Create a research entity

Establishing a new research entity: marketing process

The following information is designed to assist in the establishment of new research centres, institutes and partnerships, when considering the appropriate branding for the entity, and how to effectively promote the entity to its target audience.

Research Entity Branding

All Curtin research centres, institutes and partnerships must adhere to the Curtin Brand Hierarchy.  This hierarchy determines how the entity aligns to the master brand, based on its relationship to the university, any partners and funding. When establishing a new research entity, the Brand Hierarchy Assessment and Application Form should be used, and submitted to University Marketing for review and approval prior to any brand assets being developed.

Research Entity Website

When establishing a website for the new research entity, the Research Web Presence Assessment Form should be completed. This form should be submitted to University Marketing, who will help determine whether the web presence should sit within the Curtin University domain, or separate to the Curtin domain.

Please note all new website or subdomain requests need to be submitted through the DTS Service Desk. Please lodge a support request in the Self Service Portal.

Research Entity Promotion

University Marketing may be able to provide more general support in the promotion of the new research entity, depending on how it aligns with the University Research Marketing Strategy or Faculty Marketing Plan. Please note budget may be required to develop marketing material and for promotional purposes.


To discuss any of these matters further, please contact the relevant Faculty Marketing Manager for your faculty, or University Marketing for central research entities, by completing a request for help form.